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weekend (the happy)

Cover Art: Wilco (The Album)
due out June 30 on Nonesuch
Yes! This is the cover artwork for Wilco’s new album, Wilco (The Album), which comes out later this summer. Needless to say, I’m in eager anticipation of its release. Their new “Ashes of American Flags” DVD is outstanding. And I’m completely psyched to say that I’ll be seeing them at Red Rocks this summer. Oh – and there’s this drama surrounding Wilco.

Maybe it’s just a big promotional plot to drive attention to their new product and upcoming tour…and maybe Jay will be back in the band? Not sure there’s room for four guitarists in Wilco.

ANYWAY…the soundtrack for this summer’s BBQs, pool hangs and driving around town is going to be stellar between this release, Ben Harper’s new disc (which is awesome, by the way – review coming soon) and some other upcoming releases.


*A friend/relative reviewed the recent Jason Mraz concert here. Regardless of your fondness for his music or not, what’s more interesting is the debate that follows, a common occurrence at Back to Rockville. Most of you know that I’m a music geek, and perhaps even a bit of a snob, but I really am open-minded and try not to come across that way.

My brother recently revealed to me that he is obsessed with all things Jack White – which is great. Didn’t see that coming. I guess I just don’t give some people enough credit, and have perhaps judged a little too harshly in the past. I apologize to any of you who have felt that I’ve looked down my musical nose at you. You’ll see my essay towards the end of the debate. I’m a changed man.

Oh – I almost forgot – Happy Birthday, Bubba! And a happy weekend to all.

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