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on convenience.

Last night, I had what might have been the worst night’s sleep I’ve ever had.  The combination of a furious Kansas storm and a malfunctioning apartment complex alarm system kept me tossing, turning and praying for just a few hours of silence.  Alas, I’ve had what the advertisers call the “2:30 feeling” for most of the day.  I decided an afternoon pick-me-up would come in the form of a Dr. Pepper from the vending machine.

In a matter of minutes and in an act of laziness, I descended five floors in an elevator, popped a dollar and a quarter (the latter of which came on loan from a stranger at the vending machines) in the buzzing neon behemoth and out came tumbling 20 fluid ounces of cool, crisp contentment.  I took the elevator five floors up, and was on my way to chasing the sugar rush I’d been craving.

Maybe it’s the fatigue, maybe it’s the wacky weekend just hours away, but as I returned to my desk with the beverage in hand, I couldn’t help but think how easily I was able to access a refreshment and achieve rejuvenation.  Didn’t it used to be a big deal to score a bottle of soda?  Wasn’t it a special treat reserved for special occasions?  And didn’t it usually involve walking a few blocks down the street to the local diner, all while absorbing some sunshine and passing friendly locals along the way?

I’d have loved to have done that — but I’m too tired.


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